Super Schooner


【IT CAN BE ONE OR FOUR】 Its designed to help you carry four different glasses of beer at once. When pushed together they look to form one large pint glass, but they come apart like pieces of a pie to form 4 different drinking glasses.
【How to Use】 You can hold the entire bottom with one hand like a pint plastic cup, or use two hands to carry it around the entire periphery of the plastic cup. Once you put them down, they are easy to separate.
【STURDY & DURABLE 】 Made of clear thick plastic, our pub glasses are durable, they won’t chip or break very easily and will keep your beer cold. You can confidently rest these glasses on any surface without worrying.
【INCORPORATED VERTICAL GROOVES】 The clever new design incorporated vertical grooves, which slot in to one another when held together, preventing the glasses from slipping around in your hands. They are also narrower towards the middle, which makes it easier for you to get a good grip of them.
【Party】 Whether the Super Schooner is for four beers for yourself, or you're sharing three with some friends or family, this ingenious new drinking vessel design is something we can perhaps look forward to in a future.

Small size: 120*83.2*66.3mm

Weight: 210g

Capacity: about 280ML

Large size:145.5*92*71.6mm

Weight: 346g

Capacity: About 420ML
Material: Plastic