Smart Visual Endoscope

  • SIMPLE & CONVENIENT: Smart Visual Endoscope with 1080p HD is wireless and light, very simple and convenient to use. Its 360° wide angle and super clear camera lens help you switch angles between the left and right ear and more safely remove your earwax. Available for children, adults and pets.
  • VISUALIZATION APP: It supports Wi-Fi and connection to all Android and iOS devices. Scan the code according to the instructions to download and install the app. Press the button on the ear clean rod until the light is on and flashing. Find the app's Wi-Fi to connect your ear clean rod. After opening the downloaded app, you can control the instrument conveniently.
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: Its spoon is made of bio-grade PC+ silica gel. The material is soft and its adjustable silica gel protection plug is suitable for different ears canal depth, protecting your ear's canals. Handle's anti-slip setting prevents eardrum damage caused by any possible mistake. Using high-end chip and temperature's control, ear spoon temperature 25℃ body temperature 32℃ can be used for anyone.