Smart Toothpick Dispenser

* Easy to use. Just keep your hand close to the toothpick box, it will open automatically, and the toothpick will appear instantly.

* High-sensitivity infrared sensor, the sensing distance is more sensitive and distance is long.

* Induction flip to prevent tentacles. Clamshell structure design, 130° automatic clamshell opening and closing, preventing fingers from touching and making toothpicks more convenient.

* High capacity. It can hold 250 toothpicks at a time, which has a longer service life and reduces more contact.

Name: Smart sensor toothpick box
Material quality: ABS + electronic components
Power: USB Charge 
Induction method: infrared induction
Size: 9.5 * 9.5 * 8cm
Color: as show
Package Included:
1*Toothpick Dispenser