Smart Nail Clipper

  • EASY TO OPERATEEven children or the elder people can use this electric nail clipper without reading the user manual. This nail trimmer is ONE BUTTON OPERATION. Only need to press the button, the electric nail clipper will finish cut nails, trim nails, grind / file / polish nails, and vacuum the nail debris at the same time. Compared with traditional nail clippers, this electric nail clipper or nail file or nail trimmer, whatever you call it, makes trimming nails so easy, neat & smooth.
  • SAFE FOR ANYONE: You will never worry about cutting baby's fingers by accident with this nail clipper. It is ergonomic designed, very comfortable to hold. Besides, this electric baby nail clipper is also 100% safe. The blade is hidden behind a slot which protects fingers. The automatic nail trimmer is absolutely safe when your fingers touch the slots directly. You can even trim nails with eyes closed or in the dark. This nail clipper is good for the elderly who don't have a good vision.
  • A WONDERFUL GIFT: It is designed to be suitable for all people, including, infants, babies, toddlers, kids, children, adults, the elderly, boys and girls, men and women, all people. A wonderful gift for anyone you love and care for.