Nano Mist Sprayer

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: It can be used for skin care, make-up, disinfecting cellphones, gadgets, money and just about anything you want to keep clean.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Gently press the button to spray out micro-flowing skin care products. Supports the addition of pure water, alcohol, pure milk, tap water, mineral water with its capacity of 30ml storage.
  • LIGHT AND SMALL: The finest ionic mist spray that moisturizes the skin without ruining your make-up at anytime and anywhere. The cooling function shrinks the pores and makes skin firmer. Revitalizes dry and tired skin when you are on the go and is very easy to carry.


Product material: ABS
Product size: 30*30*115mm
Net weight: 50g
Product gross weight: 70g
Battery capacity: 400 mAh
Water tank capacity: 30 ml
Charging the sword: 1 hour