Mobile Phone Cooler Fan

  • Mobile Phone Cooler Fan for your smart phone to prevent overheating while playing games.
  • Equipped with 147 cooling columns, it will satisfy every gamer's fantasies.
  • Small in size, it is equivalent to the weight of a mobile phone case.
    With a retractable soft silicone back-flip, it can be installed in any mobile phone with a width of 67-88mm.

    Three seconds after the back clip is turned ON, the temperature drops rapidly.
    Heat will have nowhere to hide in the aluminum heat sink made from 147 cooling columns. Once the cooling fan is activated, dust is blasted away.

    Bluetooth Compatibility for iOS and Android gives you full back seat control.
    Cooling levels, lights effects and live measurements from the built-in thermometer give you a full breakdown of what's happening with your device.

Suitable for: iOS, Samsung & any other smart phone.
Batteries Included: No
Connector: Type C
Features: Phone cooling fan,