Diffused Light Sprinkles

  • MESMERIZINGHundreds of long fiber strands fall about a silver base to create a beautifully and mesmerizing glow. This is a truly amazing accent to any room's decoration. Sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing ambient light this lamp creates. It has been described as gentle raining light with the colors of the aurora.
  • FEATURES: The beautiful fiber optic spray stands around 33-cm tall and because it runs from batteries you can use it anywhere. Try it indoor or outdoors to bring a magical sparkle to your party or BBQ! Also ideal for dressing up your dinner table, bedroom, or kitchen.


Materials: PS, PMMA, ABS
Base: ABS
Surface: Silver-plated
Product Size: Approx. 8*8*33cm
Light Source: Three 5mm LED (red, blue and green)
Function: Luminous