Cash Truck Car Bank

  • ✅[Special Armored Car Kids Peggie's Bank]-This cool armored car shape kids money bank will deeply attract your children, kids could set his own password and enjoys that it "eats" both the paper money and coins. ABS raw materials, non-toxic and harmless, no angular design, to protect children's safety.
  • ✅[Kids Money Saving Box with Note and Coin Slot]-It has a coin slot on top large enough to take various shapes and sizes of coins. The windscreen has another slot for inserting notes into the bank. Put the paper money on the slot, it can be rolled into the machine automatically.
  • ✅[Cool Flashed Lights]-The car lights will flash and the car back door will open automatically when you enter the correct password. If you enter the wrong password, the alerter at the top of car will ring and flash. The cool flashing light design will give your kids a great experience.
  • ✅[Password Key]-The default password is 0000. The password button is hidden in the front cover of car. If you want to change another password, please enter the default password 0000 to open the bank back door, and then hold the "*" key, the red and blue lights start flashing, at the same time enter the new password and press the "#" key, the red and blue lights stop flashing. If you forget the password, please take out the batteries and restart, and the password will return to 0000.
  • ✅[Multifunctional Cash Truck]-Serving as a money box/piggy bank also serving as a low security safe box and finally it's a child's toy. The van has 4 wheels so you can propel/push this along the carpet/flooring. And you could press the “*” to play music or tell a story.