Automatic Water Level Controler


This product is specially designed for the water level control of water storage tanks such as water towers and pools to prevent water towers from overflowing when tap water is supplied, and traditional float valve replacement products. Suitable for water tower pools, solar energy, hot water boilers, aquaculture, food machinery humidifiers, water heaters, livestock water and swimming pools, etc.





Applicable temperature: ≤120°C


Product principle: When the water in the water container is lower than the control valve water level control line, the inlet valve opens the water, and when the water level rises to the control valve water level control line, the inlet valve closes and stops the water supply.


Maintenance: When the water quality is poorly cleaned, proper maintenance is required.







Structure: Ball
Port Size: 1/2 3/4 1
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Actuator Mode: Without Manual And Instruction
Media: Water
Material: Plastic
Model Number: HT-FQF1/2-1
Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature
NC or NO: Normally Open
Pressure: 0.2-10kg
Model Number: Water Level Control Valve
Water intake method: Water from the side