6-fold Angle Gauge


➤The tool is high quality aluminum alloy durability and has stood the test of time. This tool can withstand wear. The laser solid etches the digital mark and does not fade.

➤Easy measurement between all metal buttons and screws and soft gaskets.

➤For shaped tiles, you can easily cut out bricks like a gap.

➤Multi-function metal six-fold ruler with foldable rulers at every angle to meet your everyday needs.

➤The angle of the scale can be adjusted, the nut can be tightened to fix the angle, and contour measurements can be made smoothly to avoid variations during the measurement and to ensure measurement accuracy.


➤1.First,placing the tool onto any surface and adjust the six rulers into your desired shape.

➤2.Next,tighten the high-grade metal screws to secure your angle and use this desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications.

➤3.Finally,once completed with your project, loosen the screws and put the ruler into your toolbox.

★The package includes:

1 * 6-Fold Ruler + 1*Marker